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The EBF has active members in North America, Europe, East Asia, South Asia, and Oceania. Every year, giving this widespread membership the chance to get to know each other face-to-face, we organize an October Seattle fall conference (from 1995 to 2004 called the LOV — for Love of Violence, and since 2007, UVTEC — for Understanding Violence: Tools for Educators and Communities).

We also sponsor smaller events, symposia, workshops, salons, and lectures to expand the discussion and advance the application of Becker’s synthesis. Write-ups of past events and promotions for upcoming events, when available, can be accessed through the links provided.

Unless otherwise noted, all prior events took place in Seattle.

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Philip Nicholson in Seattle March 16

Philip Nicholson
Medical Writer and Independent Scholar

M.S.P.H., Harvard School of Public Health
J.D. Stanford University School of Law (Law & Psychiatry Program)
B.A., Princeton University (Honors in Philosophy)

Author of Meditation and Light Visions: A Neurological Analysis, 2010 

Will speak on:

"The World's Next Savior: Does the Past Predict the Future?"

In the Parlor, Seattle First Baptist Church
1111 Harvard at Seneca

Sunday March 16, 1 p.m.

A box lunch will be served for $5 in the parlor after the morning church service, which runs from 11 to noon.
There is no charge for the presentation, but we need a head cound and a box lunch count.

Please call Neil at 206-232-2994 

Article Title Date
Kirk Schneider in Seattle November 2013
Corey Anton in Seattle May 2013
EBF Fall 2012 Conference December 2012
EBF Conference in Washington DC September 2012
Ernest Becker Conference at American University September 2012
Francis Ambrosio May 2012
Understanding the Violence of Climate Change Denial October 2011
Summer Institute 2011 July 2011
Sheldon Solomon at UW April 27, 2011 April 2011
NYC Flight From Death Event December 2010
NYC EBF Conference 2010: Existential Crisis in the Courtroom November 2010
Understanding Violence: Tools for Educators and Communities 4 October 2010
Cal St. U. Long Beach: Overcoming Toxic Leadership: Leading with Integrity and Self-Awareness September 2010
Understanding Violence - Tools for Educators and Communities 3 October 2009
Technology, Distraction, Immortality Symposium May 2009
The Merger of Science and Religion - A Panel Discussion November 2008
Understanding Violence - Tools for Educators and Communities 2 October 2008
Patient Directed Dying - Ethics and Care at Life's Ending July 2008
Understanding Violence - Tools for Educators and Communities 1 October 2007
Existence, Education, and Eco-Responsibility October 2006
Finitude, Medical Futility, and Faithful Care of the Dying July 2006
Existential Openings at the Threshold of Death October 2005
NYC EBF Conference 2005: Thoughts on War, Death, and Freedom May 2005
LOV X: Leadership and Women October 2004
NYC EBF Conference 2004: Escape from Evil - The Unfulfilled Promise of Religion March 2004
LOV IX: Living Religion - Inspiring Love, Subserving Enmity October 2003
Central Michigan University: Filmmakers, Scholars Discuss Death Anxiety March 2003
LOV VIII: Group Violence - Terrorism, Hate Crimes, Racist and Religious Violence October 2002
LOV VII: Domestic Violence - New Insights October 2001
LOV VI: Reverberations of Violence - On Children, News Reporters, and Culture October 2000
LOV V: Violence and the Media October 1999
LOV IV: Domestic Violence October 1998
LOV III: Militias and Gangs - and Us October 1997
LOV II: Love of Violence 2 October 1996
LOV I: Love of Violence October 1995

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Becker on Otto Rank

"Rank goes so far as to say that the 'need for a truly religious ideology is inherent in human nature and its fulfillment is basic to any kind of social life.' Only in this way, says Rank, only by surrendering to the bigness of nature on the highest, least-fetishized level, can man conquer death. In other words, the true heroic validation or one's life, lies beyond sex, beyond the other, beyond the private religion-all these are makeshifts that pull man down or that hem him in, leaving him torn with ambiguity."

-From Denial of Death, Chapter 8

more on Otto Rank here